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When your child has Autism, you may be told it can only be "managed," and that drugs and behaviour therapy are your only options.

At Vitalia Healthcare Naturopath, we provide a full range of bio-medical treatments that can help heal the underlying problems so your child can have a fuller, healthier life.

This is not only a matter of improving your child's biochemistry to control the factors that can irritate or block brain functioning, but also using therapies that can reverse the damage that has been done.

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As autism has become increasingly common, affecting as many as one in 68 children, advancements in research are starting to uncover potential underlying causes and the complex relationships among factors such as brain development, metabolism, digestion, toxicity, genetics and the immune system.

Autism is diagnosed according to psychological criteria, but its medical causes can be treated and its symptoms reduced or reversed. However, each child is unique, and medical treatment must be adapted to your child's specific condition.

Our science-based bio-medical approach services start with testing, which can include screening for food sensitivities, toxicity and digestive problems.

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Could Allergy Season Be Making Your Autistic Child’s Behaviour Worse?

Many parents of an autistic child report their child’s behaviour gets worse during the spring and fall months. Allergies may be to blame!

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During allergy season pollens, grasses and trees can increase the production of histamine from mast cells inside the body. Many adults also typically report they feel worse during allergy season. They feel tired, irritable, they can’t think straight and sometimes feel emotional. Mast cells found throughout the body release histamine and the release of histamine can have this behavioural effect in some people.

In a study published by Dr. Theoharides in Translational Psychiatry (1), the review indicates mast cell activation can have an affect on areas of the brain that regulate emotions.

Histamine creates inflammation which can make you feel unwell. Histamine is what causes the physical symptoms of an allergic reaction. But histamine can also cross the blood brain barrier and affect emotions, mood and behaviour.

In a study published in the Journal of Nutritional Environmental Medicine, the behaviour of children with Autism and ADHD were found to regress significantly as their nasal pollen count went up (2).

Some parents have found Gamma Globulin therapy to be very effective in reducing severe neurobehavioural regression during allergy season. Studies indicate a decrease in hyperactivity, inappropriate speech, irritability, lethargy and stereotypy (3).

If you notice your child’s behaviour gets worse right before and during allergy season the following supplements can help:

  1. Probiotics to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation and histamine response
  2. Fish oil (omega 3 fatty acids) to reduce inflammation and hyperactivity
  3. Vitamin D as most children on the spectrum have low vitamin D levels
  4. Quercetin, a natural antihistamine
  5. N-acetylcysteine, a natural antihistamine
  6. Hist-DAO to break down histamine (especially if your child lacks the ability to break down histamine. Genetic analysis can identify this problem).

Testing your child for food intolerances, food allergies and environmental allergies is also very helpful in identifying and eliminating the problem foods. These tests are available at Vitalia Health Care. (IgG/IgE testing)

As a bare minimum I usually recommend eliminating milk products from your child’s diet as I do notice many children improve in behaviour with dairy elimination.

Having a child with Autism is challenging. A parent can be doing all the right things to help their child, but certain environmental triggers can wreak havoc on the body and behaviour. If you know your Autistic child suffers from allergies, start implementing an anti-inflammatory diet and supplements one month before the pollens emerge. Prevention is always the best!

What Our Patients Say

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Mother's testimonial of her 4 year old son's progress after 6 months of Biomedical treatment for Autism. Speech and behaviour significantly improved.

  • 5.0 , review by Ting , Vancouver, BC
    review person

    I first time brought my son to see Dr. Alibhai in April 2014. My son was very in a very poor condition in all kinds of aspects especially that he can't sit down for a minute during the observation and discussion with doctor. I need to ask grandpa to help in order to talk to the doctor..

    During the past two years, we did multiple tests to identify my son's weakness and we did I followed doctor's instructions to help my son and monitor his improvement. The biomedical treatment did works for my son. He not only becomes healthy but also happy.

    The recent test result showed my son's condition improved amazingly. I'm still working on his other weakness and behaviors. As we all know, every child may different so as a parent all we can do is to find a trusted one to help our kids and try our best to reverse the sickness.

    I believe autism can be treated. I truly feel grateful about Dr. Alibhai' great effort and passion towards these kids.

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