Custom-Made Just for You

Dr. Jennifer Luis, B.Sc., B.Ed., N.D.

Dr. Jennifer Luis, B.Sc., B.Ed., N.D.

Did you know that Naturopathic Physicians can have all sorts of prescription drugs, herbs and nutrients specifically made for your health needs? In the thyroid world, there is no one medication that makes everyone balanced yet it might seem like that sometimes! There are many ways to adapt for the desired effects.

In terms of prescription drugs, using compounding pharmacies to formulate medications in specific ratios or time-release options is often the key to getting it right. Some drugs such as Cytomel or T3 for thyroid health have a relatively short half life thus can leave some people out of energy by mid-afternoon. Compounding pharmacies can used powdered forms of T3 and encapsulate in a sustained-release capsule which breaks down slower in the gut and has a longer therapeutic window. As well, those sensitive souls that react to dyes and fillers that are found in almost all brand-name drugs can take more pure versions of the generic medication when compounded. I will often ask pharmacists to create formulas that allow for additive-free, sustained release versions to provide symptom relief throughout the day and the night. The best pharmacies that I have worked with are Finlandia and Pure Pharmacies.

Aside from prescriptions, custom-made blends of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, probiotics and herbs are used for ease of routine. Powders that are mixed in water or tinctures derived from plants are often formulated when swallowing is difficult or for other unique circumstances. Herbal dispensaries and companies such as Signature Supplements will create options to meet all needs and work with professionals directly. If you are tired of swallowing 10 pills per meal, speak to your Naturopathic Physician about creating your unique protocol into an easy to drink powdered alternative.

Dr. Jennifer Luis B.Sc., B.Ed., ND