Spring has sprung! Lets do the same for your hair!

Have you started to notice thinning hair? More has loss then years ago? Are you wearing a hat whenever you go out, because of hair loss? If yes, you might a be candidate for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy with Ozone.

This is a natural and efficient treatment for hair thinning and hair loss. PRP uses the potential of our platelets to encourage tissue repair and new tissue generation. The PRP is applied in the area of the hair bulb to encourage blood supply, and follicle cell growth. We combine our PRP with ozone therapy to enhance stronger and faster growing hairs.

It is important for all patients wanting to try PRP that the doctor also considers looking at hormone levels and to rule out any nutritional deficiencies as well.

The PRP and ozone therapy is relatively quick and easy.

      1- Small sample of blood is taken
      2- The sample is placed in a centrifuge that separates the cells and allows for platelet rich plasma
      3- PRP is applied to the scalp
      4- Ozone is applied to the scalp

The PRP/Ozone treatments are best done every 3-4 weeks apart with 3 treatments to see the best results. Best results are typically seen 3-6 weeks after the third treatment. Patients may get treatments yearly or every 6 months as maintenance. This can be discussed on a case by case basis. Results can vary patient to patient based on genetics, nutrition, activity level, lifestyle, hormones, and age.

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