Mold – the hidden source of illness | Vitalia

Fatigue, headaches, sensitive to scents/supplements/textures of clothing (even those seems that stick out just a bit inside of clothing), depression, anxiety, weight gain, hair loss, feeling bloated, urinary tract infections, yeast infections. Have I got your attention yet? Mold illness encompasses so many different symptoms, but can all be brought down to the commonality of a water damaged building at some point in a person’s life.

Why can’t I get better? This is one of the most common questions that comes up with mold illness. Mold is also one of the least-suspected culprits when trying to get down to the cause of symptoms, but surprisingly is not that rare. Living, working, driving, exercising, praying or other indoor activity in a structure that has water damage leads to long term health effects, even decades after the exposure. Mold starts to form within 48 hours after a pipe ruptures or a leak springs. If not properly remediated, mold formed will produce spores and toxins called mycotoxins that become airborne. Once ingested through the lungs or skin, it is up to our body to figure out what to do.

Some people are great detoxifiers, their liver will produce enough bile to carry out the unwanted mycotoxins and minimal or no symptoms will arise. However, those individuals who genetically struggle with detoxifying or have underlying other health conditions can feel a multitude of symptoms that may seem too random to be connected. Progression of health deterioration can be very slow or rapid and can range from mental health aspects such as anxiety to physical symptoms.

How do we move forward with diagnosing and treating mold illness? In a nutshell, the steps are as follows:

  1. 1. Do a thorough intake and questionnaire
  2. 2. Test for urine mycotoxins
  3. 3. Assess if exposure is present or past – not always easy to determine!
  4. 4. Avoid present exposure (ie move out and remediate)
  5. 5. Remove foods from diet that might contain mold or feed yeast and mold
  6. 6. Ensure the body has proper elimination and detoxification pathways and provide support
  7. 7. Kill mold, spores and remove mycotoxins from storage in the cells
  8. 8. Heal and recover