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The weather is warming, and like Sunflowers, we are turning our faces to the sun to soak up the warm rays. Enjoy the sun, but be mindful of the damaging effects of its UVA and UVB rays and start protecting yourself. Glutathione, administered intravenously, improves your skins’ antioxidant defense from sun damage, may reduce pigmentation that can results from sun exposure and give your skin a healthy glow.
Start protecting your skin now!

Enjoy 20% off a Glutathione IV for the month of April

April marks the start of a busy conference season. Many seminars and conferences start during the Spring season. The Vegas IV is a great treatment you can get before you attend your business conference or seminar to increase your energy, keep your immune system strong and reduce the effects of drinking too much alcohol.

Enjoy 20% off a Vegas IV treatment for the month of April

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