Looking for a boost in hair growth? Have you considered PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy?

Dr. Jordan Atkinson, ND.

We inject liquid gold aka PRP (platelet rich plasma) to stimulate hair growth. To stimulate PRP function we add ozone to our treatment protocol. PRP has hundreds of specialized proteins called growth factors that aid healing. PRP is concentrated with many more platelets than normal blood, therefore it is commonly used to treat wounds, tendon tears, and arthritis pain.

Injecting PRP into your scalp with a small needle is used to help create or stimulate new hair follicles.

How long is the treatment?

The application of PRP and ozone takes approximately 20-30 minutes.

Is it painful?

Minimal pain. However, pain varies from person to person, we offer a nerve block to reduce pain.

How many treatments are required?

Treatments are recommended once a month for 3-4 months.

Do you need follow up treatments?

Follow up treatments can be every 6-12 months.

Who is a candidate?

To see if you are a candidate, please come in for a consultation. Results vary from person to person.

What else can you do to prevent hair loss?

You may want to do hormone testing, heavy metal testing, nutrition evaluation/testing. It is important to consider genetics and lifestyle factors as well.