PRP and Microneedling for Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Elizabeth Miller N.D.

Wrinkles occur when the skin loses is elasticity with age and environmental exposure. By renewing the production of collagen the skin becomes more voluminous, thicker and retains its elasticity.


Microneedling is not a new treatment, however its applications for skin rejuvenation is growing research as collagen induction therapy. Common conditions it is used for are wrinkles (7), skin tone (3), acne scarring (3,7), melasma (7) and hyperpigmentation (7,3). What is unique to microneedling is there is no heat application unlike energy-based treatments. It works by creating micro-damage to the stratum corneum, signalling a small inflammatory chain leading to stimulation of the body’s collagen production. The micro-channels created in the skin also allow for deeper penetration of topical applications such as PRP.


PRP is also not new, being used since the 1970s for aesthetic applications. However, the body of research is also growing for its applications including its combined synergist effect with microneedling. PRP has been used to decrease wrinkles (5,2), improve skin tone (6), decrease hyperpigmentation (2), improve scaring (4,2)photoaging (1), and when injected, increase volume(2) and decrease dark circles under the eye (5).

Advantages To PRP and Microneedling

  • 1. Can be used on any skin type
  • 2. Short healing time
  • 3. No risk of post treatment hyperpigmentation
  • 4. Can be used on any area of the skin
  • 5. Low risk of allergic reaction

Treatment Process

At Vitalia we first complete a PRP consultation. Treatment may be done on the same day as the consultation if preferred. Approximately 8 to 16 ml of blood is taken from your vein, then centrifuged and prepared for injection. Topical anaesthetic is optionally applied for 15 minutes before treatment to help decrease discomfort. The preparation takes approximately 30 minutes, and the treatment time takes between 15 to 30 minutes depending if you are doing injections and or microneedling. The PRP is applied to the skin after microneedling and or injected to targeted areas. After a microneedling treatment, you will appear flushed, like a sunburn, which will last between 3 to 12 hours. With PRP injections, mild swelling is expected that resolves in 1 to 12 hours and less commonly bruising may occur.

Dr. Elizabeth Miller, ND


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