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Research on Biomedical Treatments for Autism and ADHD

Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, ND Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, ND

Hello everyone. This is my second blog from the conference I attended by the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS) in Atlanta, GA.

I found this topic particularly interesting and wanted to share some of the current research on biomedical treatments for Autism.

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Being a Naturopathic Doctor I am constantly asked about the science behind the types of treatments I utilize. The science and research behind supplements and diet. Biomedical treatment and functional medicine is a new and upcoming field of medicine. There are many different types of practitioners looking to learn more about these treatments as they focus on the underlying cause of a medical condition. Not treating the symptoms of the disease. For example, instead of treating constipation with a medication, let’s find out WHY the person is constipated in the first place and treat that underlying reason.

When I attend these conferences, I am sitting next to all types of medical practitioners. Cardiologist, neurologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, osteopaths and of course naturopathic doctors. We all have one thing in common. To learn a different approach in medicine, to learn about the possible underlying causes of health conditions, to treat them using SCIENCE BASED approaches with the least harm, and to focus on preventative health care. That sounds exactly like the principles of naturopathic medicine.


*In my practice almost all of the ASD children I see have gut issues. And I have noticed the worse their gut issues, the worse their anxiety and aggressive/tantrum behaviours. Dr Alibhai

This was a great study that looked at the possible relationship between the gut flora and mood.


There you have it. A summary of some of the current research presented at the MAPS conference. I think it is reassuring to both parents and medical practitioners there is some scientific research to support the use of diet changes and supplements as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan for their child with Autism.

Autism is a complex condition and treatment involves many pieces to the puzzle. Behavioural intervention is key and absolutely necessary. However I don’t think we should ignore body biochemistry. The better a child’s cells are functioning, the better a child’s gut is working, the better a child’s immune system is functioning, the cleaner their diet is, their brain will work better! Many parents of the children I work with on the spectrum report their child responds better to behavioral intervention once they worked on biochemistry. Even simple changes such as reducing sugar or removing junk food from their diet resulted in better improvements in behaviour with intervention.

I hope I have motivated some of my readers to consider biochemical interventions for their child. I have seen some amazing improvements in many areas of development. Call us today and let’s get started!

Yours in health,

Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, ND

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