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Welcome to Vitalia, your home for a healthy life. To heal illness or to expand your wellness, we have your answers.

We take the time to understand your life - not just a few symptoms. And we have what you need for wellness: in-depth medical knowledge, effective treatments, a comfortable clinic in Vancouver, specialized services and personal caring.

You deserve the best. Find out more about our Naturopathic treatments and how you can benefit from:

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Message from Dr Tasreen Alibhai N.D.

Dr. Tasreen Alibhai ND
The best treatment for any health condition is prevention in the first place. The answer is not a magic pill… The solution is simple: Proper nutrition, Exercise, Cleaning the body of harmful chemicals… this is the answer! Take charge of your own health!
Dr. Tasreen Alibhai ND Meet Our Team

What Our Patients Say

After meeting and completing my initial consultation with Dr Alibhai - I immediately loved her. She took the time, showed compassion, gave me hope and started me on certain tests that I could do conveniently at home. Rather than try to diagnose me by symptoms and rush me through - she took the time ensuring thorough testing, accurate diagnosis, supplementation and proper follow up. Read more
T. S. , Vancouver, BC
Hello Dr. AlibhaI ☺
Hope you're doing well. I thought I'd share in all OUR progress since last year. I'm finally starting to feel good about myself, inside and out. It's been along time since I've felt HEALTHY and strong. Read more
J.S. , Vancouver, BC
Well if you're like me you networked with friends and social media to find an honest caring and professional doctor. At times it feels like going to a Naturopath is faddish well let me tell you! I was a skeptic until I met Tasreen Alibhai. She is the most professional doctor I have ever met. She has helped, supported and cared for me with my skin condition and now I am completely symptom free when I follow her remedies. Read more
P.R. , Vancouver, BC
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