Introducing SkinPen Microneedling by Bellus Medical

Dr. Elizabeth Miller N.D.

I am so excited to now offer a medical grade automated microneedlingsystem with SkinPen. The introduction of SkinPen elevates PRP facialtreatments offered at Vitalia to the highest microneedling standard on the market. Microneedling is a safe, minimally invasive procedure with little down time.

SkinPen is an automated microneedling device with adjustable depthsettings. This adjustability allows for differences in skin thickness and skin types. It is the only microneedling device which needling mechanism not spring loaded, creating deliberate punctures in and out of the skin at a 90 degree angle. This vertical technology allows for extra precision and depth accuracy, meaning better and faster results.

SkinPen is sterile, with surgical steel needles offering the safest needling possible. It is both Health Canada and FDA approved. The Skin Pen offers the highest level of sanitization available for microneedling as it is a cordless device with a single use safety lock-out sterile needle tip and sleeve. It also comes along with your personal take home recovery kit.

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