Nutrition and Hair Growth

Dr. Elizabeth Miller N.D.

Have a little extra time these days? Why not complete a diet check-in for adequate nutrition levels to support hair growth.

First, lets talk about iron. If someone has risk factors, or is symptomatic for iron deficiency anemia, an iron study is completed or requested. Iron is essential for hair growth, a sudden drop in levels can even precipitate telogen effluvium (sudden loss of up to 30% of hair). Testing iron levels is always important before supplementing or increasing someone’s RDA as high levels of iron can also have negative impact on health and hair. While testing is recommended, I typically like all clients to check they are reaching their RDA. I refer to the Registered Dietician’s of Canada information sheet for iron sources, and RDA for age and sex. If you follow a vegetarian diet, you should double the recommended RDA as vegetarian sources of iron are much more difficult for the body to absorb.

Protein is another important factor for hair growth. Typically 0.8 g/kg/day is standard adult protein requirement, but can vary depending on age, health status and activity level. For example, if you weighed 60 kg, your daily intake of protein should be 60 g. While further research is needed, I like to include hydrolyzed collagen powder as part of my daily protein intake. Collagen is high in amino acid proline, which is essential to the dermis, which supports the hair follicle. Collagen is flavorless and blends easily into smoothies, and mixes into warm drinks. I like to fortify my matcha in the mornings with a scoop of collagen. It helps me reach my daily protein goal, and starts my day with a healthy dose of antioxidants.

Click here for an easy, on the go vegan collagen matcha latte recipe:

With a little spare time that many of us are currently experiencing, it is the perfect opportunity to check your daily intake of these important nutrients for supporting your hair growth. My recommendation is to enter your diet (what foods and how much) for 3 days into My Fitness Pal. This will give you a general idea if you are meeting your recommended daily allowance, or if a few adjustments need to be

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