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Why Must I Complete a Screening Consult Prior to this Treatment?


Dr. Elizabeth Miller N.D.

This consult is in place for your safety, and for determining if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. Certain underlying health conditions PRP may be contraindicated such as uncontrolled diabetes, infection, recent history of cancer and liver disease.  During this consult we discuss if a partial or full treatment would be best suited to you.  Beyond these items, I review general health symptoms and recent laboratory testing.  When indicated, laboratory testing may be recommended prior to starting treatment to investigate underlying causes for the hair loss that may impede your success with PRP. Continue reading

Nutrition and Hair Growth

Dr. Elizabeth Miller N.D.

Have a little extra time these days? Why not complete a diet check-in for adequate nutrition levels to support hair growth.

During a PRP screen, factors that go beyond PRP and hair are always assessed. While PRP may be the stimulus needed, your body’s “terrain” for supporting hair growth can be equally important.

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Looking for a boost in hair growth? Have you considered PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy?

Dr. Jordan Atkinson, ND.

We inject liquid gold aka PRP (platelet rich plasma) to stimulate hair growth. To stimulate PRP function we add ozone to our treatment protocol. PRP has hundreds of specialized proteins called growth factors that aid healing. PRP is concentrated with many more platelets than normal blood, therefore it is commonly used to treat wounds, tendon tears, and arthritis pain.

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