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Doctor Tasreen Alibhai’s 2 Week Detoxification Program

Dr Tasreen Alibhai, ND
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We have been hearing so many shocking facts about what we are putting into our bodies and the health effects of some of these chemicals. Many of us don’t realize the impact that everyday chemicals are having on our health.

Symptoms that may indicate your body is overloaded with toxins:

Most of us just don’t know what these chemicals are doing to our body and the long term health risks.

Individuals at a greater risk for chemical toxicity include painters, dentists, dental assistants, mechanics, dry cleaners to name a few.

Follow this 2 week program to jump start your detoxification plan and cleanse your body of harmful toxins. For more in-depth testing and detoxification programs call us today at 604-566-9355.

#1: First thing, LIMIT YOUR EXPOSURE!
Your body has amazing ways to detoxify. This is what your liver and bowels and lymphatic system can do! So quit putting all the bad stuff in and let your body go into “self-clean” mode!

We mentioned avoiding canned foods, avoiding soft plastic containers, buy fragrance free cosmetics and cleaning products and avoid air fresheners. Never microwave plastics and food covered with plastic food wrap. Avoid plastic bottles labelled with the numbers 3,6,7. Safer options include 1, 2, 4, and 5. Stainless steel or glass is best.

#2: Eat Organic!
Did you know a potato today has 100% less vitamin A, 57% less vitamin C and iron, and 28% less calcium than a potato 30 years ago. Choosing organic is a better option to receive more nutrients from the food you eat.


Sweating is an excellent way to detoxify. At least 3-4 times a week sweat! Maybe use a Far Infrared Sauna, Bikram yoga, exercise daily. I hear so many women say they can’t sweat. This is not healthy! Do something every day and eventually your body will start to sweat!


#4: Avoid all artificial sweeteners. Splenda, Nutrasweet.
Aspartame breaks down into Formaldehyde in the body. Who wants formaldehyde in their body??? This can also lead to gas/ bloating, headaches, and memory loss! So no more diet sodas!!!!

#5: Eat more cruciferous vegetables.
Broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts and kelp. These vegetables contain nutrients that are fantastic at helping the liver detoxify.

#6: Supplements. Choose a combination of nutrients to support all organs of elimination:

-If constipated, include magnesium citrate in powder form to cleanse the bowels.

What Can Vitalia Health Care Offer You?

Vitalia Health Care offers medically supervised detoxification programs individualized for your specific health needs. Through a 1 hour assessment, our doctors will customize a detoxification program for you based on your current health, genetic history, occupation, and toxic exposure. We offer state of the art diagnostic testing to determine your levels of toxic metals, vitamin/mineral needs and how well your body is able to detoxify.

Call us today for more information at 604-566-9355!

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