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Acupuncture and Fertility

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What is Acupuncture?

The meaning of Acupuncture in Chinese includes two parts:

People know it mainly for the needling therapy. 

Acupuncture therapy is under the guidance of the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) using one or more needles to penetrate through the skin at certain points. It may or may not involve varieties of stimulation techniques to achieve the result of healing. There are additional treatment therapies such as Tuina, Cupping and Guasha. Some therapies require special tools. 

How does Acupuncture achieve the results of healing? 

Acupuncture therapy uses needles to stimulate/regulate energy-flow (Qi flow) and Blood circulation to allow the harmed area to detox and re-nourishment can be activated. Different prescriptions of Acupuncture treatment include some combination of points, angle of each insertion, stimulation techniques, length of needles and retention time of needles. Acupuncture therapy can be activated to different parts of the body to stimulate muscles, tendons and nervous system. Some practitioners have different ways of producing vital Qi, using needles as a media to pass Qi through a patient's body to balance the Yin-Yang and Five-Elements of the body. This will activate the self-healing power and achieve the results of the healing.

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