Cellulite Treatment

There is a strong negative connotation that comes with the concept of cellulite. These small to large dimples that can be found mostly on females after puberty are thought to be a sign strictly of poor dieting and obesity, but are really far more complex then that. In reality, cellulite can be a side effect of hormonal factors, genetics, gender, and a high-stress lifestyle. Essentially, cellulite is formed through enlarged fat cells, higher levels of toxins, water retention, poor circulation, and fibrosis within connecting tissue.

The battle with cellulite has been a long and arduous one that many have given up on, but there definitely are methods that can help to reduce cellulite levels.


Detoxification of the body is becoming a popular treatment method for many illnesses and disorders. The process of detox refers to the complete removal of toxins, metals, and harmful cells. Since cellulite may be caused through high levels of toxins that may lead to inflammations, detoxification will help to completely cleanse the body and remove signs of cellulite, leaving it as a new slate. Detox is typically a first step to any treatment, as it is best to start long term treatments with a completely clean system.

Laser Treatment

This non-surgical method enables the patient to avoid being put needlessly under the knife. This newer method combines the use of radio frequencies with infrared light to “massage” the afflicted area. Treatment is performed in numerous sessions, with lasting results coming from approximately 7 to 8 different sessions. While this form of treatment can get a little pricey, of the treatments not involving diet, exorcise, and hormones, it is the least invasive.

Surgical Treatment

This invasive method to remove cellulite is the most rudimentary method of cellulite removal. This method would involve complete removal of the inflamed tissues and fat cells, leaving the skin with the ability to lay flat. Results have shown lasting effects where cellulite has not been seen again. Surgical treatment is the quickest method of cellulite removal out there, but is also the most invasive.

Topical Treatments

Since cellulite is a condition close to the surface of the skin, there are bound to be an innumerable amount of topical treatments. Creams like Cellulite MD have been rated as the highest effective, and since they target the hormonal cause of the cellulite rather then simply cover it up, they’re growing more and more popular each day. Most creams simply dehydrate the skin, forcing it to get taught and flatten the fat cells. If a cream is to be used, it needs to deal with the hormonal effects, which can be an underlying cause of the cellulite.

Change in Lifestyle

One of the most effective means of eradicating cellulite is simply a change in lifestyle. Though eating habits may not be directly related to the cause of cellulite, it is possible that poor eating habits could be leading to unneeded stresses. Stress is the leading cause of many disorders, and is all around a negative influence on the human body. With stress come high levels of catecholamines, which have been linked with the formation of cellulite. Remove unnecessary stressors, start a workout routine that helps not only to burn off pounds, but ease those daily worries, and kick off a healthier diet that will leave the body in a much more nutritious state.

Combating cellulite doesn’t have to be a losing battle, not with so many treatment options at hand. Of course, the best treatment out there would be a regime that encompasses all compatible methods, such as detoxification and change in lifestyle.

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