Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, N.D.

Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, BSc (UBC), ND is the founder and clinic owner of Vitalia Health Care INC in Vancouver, British Columbia. She earned her Degree in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in 2000 after completing her Bachelor of Science degree at UBC. She has over 19 years of experience and education as a Naturopathic Doctor.

Opening Hours:

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  • Monday - Friday

    08:30AM - 5:00PM

  • Saturday

    pre-booked appointments.

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Our Products

Vitalia Healthcare has paired with FullScript online dispensary

Our Products

We at Vitalia support the use of high grade and high quality supplements. The companies we recommend provide high quality ingredients, many third party tested. We also take the time to test the supplements ourselves. Our Naturopathic Doctors have been recommending many of these products for years.

We do our best to ensure our patients receive high quality products that fit our treatment programs. Fullscript provides on-line access to high quality supplements. Our Naturopathic Doctors will provide a prescription specific to the treatment goals.

Once the prescription is sent, you will receive an email with clear instructions how to order the products. They will be shipped directly to your door.

Dr. Tasreen Alibhai ND and her team are committed to your health and our goal is to provide effective results. Fullscript provides access to the products we recommend.

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

Clinic Hours:

Monday to Friday : 8:30 am to 5 pm
Saturday: pre-booked appointments. We are closed on all statutory Holidays