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Hormone Replacement Therapy in Vancouver

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Hormones are incredibly powerful, naturally-occurring substances in your body. They give out such strong signals that hormones can affect every cell in your body. It shouldn’t be surprising that if your hormones aren’t in balance, we can experience an amazing number of unpleasant symptoms, including depression, lack of appetite, and decreased sex drive.

Hormone replacement therapy (or HRT) at Vitalia Vancouver analyzes your exact hormone levels and determines how to balance them, should any levels be too low or too high. It also considers what other factors there may be in your life, including diet and overall health, that may also affect your hormones.

There are two forms of hormones, those that are synthetic, that is, created chemically to match those in your body, or those that are biologically-identical, meaning they have the same makeup as those produced naturally in and by your body. Due to our commitment to your health, Vitalia uses only biologically-identical hormones for our HRT, helping you find a healthy balance in your life.

Treatment for Menopause

HRT is most commonly used in treating the symptoms of menopause. Menopause is the time in a woman’s life in late middle age when her period stops and her body beings to shift away from fertility. This is associated with a number of symptoms, including hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Hormone replacement therapy can dramatically relieve these symptoms. In a similar vein, it may also help prevent osteoporosis, another concern of women above a certain age.

When HRT is used specifically in response to symptoms of menopause, it is important to distinguish that it is not being used for disease prevention. Your Naturopathic Doctor can help you determine how HRT can fit into your overall health regimen, and how it can balance with any other issues you face with your general wellbeing. Vancouver Naturopathic Doctor will monitor factors like bone density testing and heart disease screening on an ongoing basis to insure that your HRT does the maximum benefit without any negative effects.

If you think our hormone replacement therapy in Vancouver, British Colombia might be right for you, or if you want to consider it as an option, contact us to find out more about your choices in this area today.

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