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Vancouver Personal Training

Shazia Paroo

I once heard someone ask, "Why do I need personal trainer?"

Six months after that, they thanked me, in tears, for changing their life.

Hi, I'm Shazia Paroo, and I can change your life. I am a Certified Personal Trainer in Vancouver, Group Fitness Leader and Pilates Instructor, and in my decade of experience, I've helped over a thousand people transform their bodies and lives.

When I was training for my first FAME competition in 2005, I used Kickboxing, Weight & Interval Training, Strength Training, Nutrition, Fat Loss and Lifestyle Management to get myself where I wanted to be. Today, I provide an intense, specific and personalized plan to make you beach ready, and life ready!!

By living a healthy lifestyle, you can help convert yourself from who you are into who you want to be. By allowing me the opportunity to sculpt, strengthen and motivate you, you will become who you always dreamed you could be.

Vancouver Paroo Fitness will make your dreams come true!!!

Dream bigger, let me help you become the BEST version of your self you can!!


Personal trainers were once exclusively for rich celebrities and pro athletes. Today, the list of people who can afford personal trainers go on and on. As health and fitness continues to enter the mainstream, the average person is beginning to realize how beneficial personal training can be on their lives. Personal trainers are used by all types of people from all age, fitness and economic levels to make those crucial lifestyle changes that they were not able to make on their own.


Vancouver Personal Training

Vancouver Personal trainers can offer significant benefits to anyone seeking to increase their endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and physical performance. This one-on-one customized training can radically change your current fitness level to one you can be proud of. Through goal setting and motivation, most find it easier to stay committed to their routines for more dramatic results.

Vancouver Paroo Fitness members are living healthier and more fulfilling lives due to the wealth of knowledge learned from our certified personal trainer. At Vitalia Healthcare, our personal trainer Shazia Paroo will provide you with a custom results-oriented health and fitness plan that will both challenge and motivate you each step of the way.

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