Change Something in You

Quinn Rivet
Greetings! My name is Dr. Rivet and I’m new to the Vitalia Healthcare team but a veteran to naturopathic medicine, this year I start my 20th year in practice! I’v practiced privately in Hamilton, Toronto and Vancouver, taught at both naturopathic schools in Canada (and one in the states), lectured across Canada, did research, wrote a book, and even healed myself of my own personal health story. So with that in mind I want to share with you what I think is important in keeping yourself healthy.

Ok here it is, ready? It’s your STATE i.e. your state of mind. It’s not what you eat or the supplements you take, or the amount of exercise you do. Optimal health occurs when one is in prolonged periods of peace, contentment and joy having optimistic expectation of the future. This state is what I try to get my patients into, in this state the brain heals faster, hormones are balanced, the immune system functions better, tissues heal faster, the stress hormone cortisol lowers and the energetics of the body flows nicely.

The longer you stay in this state the easier you can get yourself centered when storms come in. Easier said than done I know, however, if peace is what you are after and you focus on that desire then things will start to shift, at first it may not seem like the shifts are good, like a break-up or an illness or a financial crisis however all these are just expressions if infinite intelligence to get you in-line with your desire, as the saying goes” Calm waters do not make skillful sailors”. Although these life expressions may seem paradoxical they are events that are opportunities to change the things you need to change to bring to you and be the architect of your life for peace.

Once you make that decision for peace within you will start to see or experience the opposite for a while and yes it will be hard in fact in some cases extremely heart breaking however, eventually awareness of the truth will surface and you will see things as they truly are and it is at those cross-roads that you will have to make the decision; either you keep on “toughing it out” or you take ACTION on a change for as the saying goes” if you want to change your life you have to change something in your life” or more precisely change something in YOU. Your thoughts, how you see things, how you do things, etc.

Once this process starts people change, your body will change, your friends will change, your lovers may change or your marriage strengthen and eventually your brain will change and thus your feelings. When you consistently feel at peace, gain strong boundaries and release both conscious and subconscious programs and even people that do not serve you (and you’ll know cause situations that you where ok with will just not sit right with you any more) peace starts to come in and stay for long periods of time and when that starts to happen all things start to come to you, but first you might have to clear a few things out of that crazy monkey mind of yoursJ.

“Bring Heaven on Earth (constant state of peace and joy) and all else will be added (insert desire here)”

Dr. Quinn Rivet B.Sc., N.D.

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