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Thyroid Awareness and Screening

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Having a thyroid disorder is coined the “unsuspected illness” as so many health symptoms could be due to a thyroid problem. It is estimated up to 60% of people with a thyroid disorder are not aware of their condition. Learn about the symptoms, screening and treatment through our thyroid awareness and screening program.

The initial visit includes a detailed medical history, physical exam of the thyroid and any related body system.

Options of primary lab testing includes:

- Extended Thyroid Panel (TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Thyroperoxidase AB, Thyroglobulin AB, Reverse T3)

- 25 OH-Vitamin D

- iron levels

Additional testing may include:

During the follow up consultation, all lab findings will be discussed and treatment options will be explained.

**In order to prepare for your appointment, book a morning appointment that works into your schedule without increasing stress (all hormones are connected!). Eat a good breakfast and do not exercise prior to coming in. If taking vitamin D or biotin, stop at least 4 days prior to your appointment. If already on thyroid medication, do not take the morning of the appointment (you can take it later that day as directed.)

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