Foods to Help You Get in the Mood

Natasha Asselstine, R.H.N.
Natasha Asselstine, R.H.N.

February’s got us thinking about all things romance! Not the flowers, teddy bears, and chocolates, but the things that will support the body for great sexy-times ahead – well beyond February. The human body has an appetite for all things nutritious, and for our bodies to function optimally we need to feed it with the fuel that makes it run. This, of course, applies to our sex drive as well. So, if you’re wanting to get in the mood a little more often, consider the following tips:

Eat zinc-rich foods: Antioxidants are an essential nutrient for our circulatory system which is responsible for transporting our blood to all organs in our body. Zinc, in particular, is a powerful antioxidant that has been linked with sexual vitality in both men and women. The best source of zinc are oysters (a well-known aphrodisiac!) and is also found in other seafood, meats and plant-based foods: nuts and seeds, beans like chickpeas, lentils, oats and nutritional yeast.

Eat what nature’s reflecting back to you: The Doctrine of Signatures suggests that whatever organ a food resembles is actually going to be the organ that that food supports in the body! And so, when it comes to supporting sexual function, it means that bananas are good for men and figs are good for women. Seriously!

Eat light dinners: Getting intimate may be less desirable on a full stomach. If you’re looking forward to intimacy later in the evening, I recommend avoiding super rich meals that leave you feeling heavy, tired, bloated and uncomfortable.
Drink tea: Surprised to see tea on such a list? I know, it’s not so typical. But, here’s why it’s well-worth the consideration: tea makes us slow down and unwind. We have to pay attention to it, give it our time and enjoy it slowly. This helps the body get into the mood for intimacy, and allow our endocrine system an opportunity to create sex hormones. When we’re over- stimulated from a day’s work, our body will choose making stress hormones over sex hormones, so it’s super important to do what we can to help the body unwind. If you’re not a fan of tea then any hot beverage will do, as will a soak in the bath, a meditation, a jog around the block, turning off the computer, or whatever works to help you decompress.

As with anything, if looking to improve time spent in the bedroom is a desire of yours, then give it the time it deserves by making it a priority.

Have a happy February, everyone.

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