Join us for the 2017 West Coast Cleanse!

Natasha Asselstine, R.H.N.

Natasha Asselstine, R.H.N.

January is a very popular time to cleanse, given the overindulgence that often comes with the holiday season. While cleansing is important for our bodies, doing it incorrectly during the dead of winter can be harsh on our system. I have created the 2017 West Coast Cleanse for people to gain the benefits of cleansing while also staying in harmony with the seasons!

Did you know that there are many health benefits to eating in season? For one, Mother Nature knows just what our bodies need for the given climate. That’s why she provides us with heartier, root vegetables that we cook to warm our bodies in the winter, and offers chlorophyll-rich green vegetables to help cleanse our bodies in the spring.

Eating in season also means shopping from local farmers markets, which usually provides more nutritious produce than what’s available at the conventional grocery stores. Small farmers have more diverse crops and use gentler farming practices, creating a richer and more nutritious soil to grow our foods in and resulting in a more nutritious crop. Also, many small farmers do not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and what’s more, is that these foods avoid the extra chemical sprays and irradiation that is often the fate of produce travelling long distances and crossing borders. These practices are used to ripen and keep them foreign-bug free upon arrival. Finally, produce loses nutrients from the moment they’re plucked from the tree or uprooted from the ground, and so, the longer distances they travel and time spent off their stems, the less nutritious they will be.

To encourage seasonal eating and living, I have created the 2017 West Coast Cleanse which is a series of seven different cleansing protocols that occur at different times of the year, and are designed to be seasonally-appropriate for our bodies! Each one emphasizes locally-available foods and seasonally-appropriate holistic practices.

Each cleansing protocol consists of:

  • a description and the benefits of the cleanse
  • a list of foods to eat, foods to avoid, and holistic suggestions to support the body’s detoxification pathways
  • meal ideas and a sample menu plan
  • a grocery list
  • instructions on how to safely come off the cleanse

These cleanses both satisfy the need to live in harmony with nature while also balancing and detoxifying the body in a way that is sensitive to our climate and seasonal needs!
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Why cleanse? Due to modern day agricultural practices and the growing number of toxins in our environment, our bodies are getting less nutrients than they need but face a higher demand for these nutrients for detoxification. Therefore, it is important more than ever to take time to cleanse and support the body. What’s more is that our fast-paced, demanding lifestyles often leave us out of touch with nature. Cleansing in harmony with the seasons gives us an opportunity to attune with our body’s natural needs as well as benefit from the seasonal produce appropriately chosen by Mother Nature to nurture us.

Who may benefit from a cleanse?

  • people who have been binging or indulging on heavy foods and/or alcohol
  • people who want to give their body an opportunity to do some “housecleaning”
  • people who feel bloated and stagnant in the stomach from over-eating
  • people who want to become more in tune with nature and their own body’s wisdom
  • people who want to improve their energy, gain clarity, lose weight and reduce cravings
  • people who want to lower their toxic load (the sum of toxins that the body is exposed to including heavy metals, car fumes, pesticides, additives and preservatives, and the chemicals in beauty products and cleaning agents)

Who this cleanse may not be appropriate for:

Anyone with these conditions must consult with their doctor first.

  • pregnant or nursing mothers
  • people in post-surgery recovery or suffering from an illness
  • people on medication and/or have unidentified symptoms
  • people who are constipated or have kidney issues
  • people who have adrenal fatigue
  • people who are malnourished, obese, have dysbiosis (ex: Candidiasis), hypoglycemic, diabetic or prediabetic, have heart disease, ulcers, fevers, high stress, very thin, very toxic or have an eating disorder

Whether or not you have a medical condition, it is important to embark on a cleansing protocol with the support and supervision of your doctor.

The 2017 West Coast Cleanse program costs $35 for the entire year, and each cleansing protocol will be electronically delivered to your inbox prior to the recommended start date! Please note that this program is designed for people living in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. However, it can be adapted to other BC residents as well.

You may also do the 2017 West Coast Cleanse with my guidance! Purchase the West Coast Cleanse package along with seven nutritional sessions with me for $475.

Please note that this cleanse is open to everyone! If you would like to purchase this cleansing program for a loved one, all we’ll need is their email address to send them their packages throughout the year!

For more information and to register for the 2017 West Coast Cleanse, please contact us at 604-566-9355 or email

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