Get Ready for Summer Now!

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Get Ready for Summer Now!

summer ready
Many people agree, time is going by very quickly. Spring is upon us now, which means summer is just around the corner. We have 3 months left until bathing suit season. The good news is that 3 months is enough time to lose those extra pounds you may have gained over the winter season. With a good nutrition program, exercise and the right supplements you will be ready for your summer clothes.

I recommend coming into VITALIA HEALTH CARE and having one of our Naturopathic Doctors test your Body Composition Assessment. A simple, non-invasive test can determine your body fat percentage, muscle mass, hydration, toxicity and metabolic age in 15 minutes. From this, we can develop a nutrition program specific to your body and goals. See our Personal Trainer Shazia Paroo for a “get fit for summer” exercise plan to reach your weight loss goals. Finally, the right supplements can help you burn fat, increase your energy, decrease sugar cravings and support your body’s metabolic needs. All this under the medical supervision of a Naturopathic Doctor at Vitalia Health Care.

Don’t wait!!! Summer will be here before we know it! Start now and lose those unwanted pounds by summer.

Check out our new weight management supplements:

  1. Opticleanse: A high quality rice and pea based protein powder delivering 12g of protein per scoop, as well as vitamins and minerals to balance your blood sugar, keep you full for 3 hours and reduce your metabolic age.
  2. Slim Pro: a great formula that really curbs your appetite and reduces cravings! Ashwaganda will reduce the stress hormone cortisol that contributes to belly fat. Garcinia Cambogia will help reduce portion sizes. Chromium and cinnamon will balance your blood sugar.
  3. CLA has been shown in studies to reduce the number of new fat cells formed, as well as help burn the fat you have!
  4. L-Carnitine is a great fat burner and will help increase your energy.

Yours in health,
Dr Tasreen Alibhai, ND

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
Everyday I find myself recommending the use of apple cider vinegar to promote good digestive health. A patient of mine recently told me about how common and plantar warts were easily removed by apple cider vinegar within 1 week of applying daily. I was truly impressed and decided to test this out on a stubborn wart on one of my children. This wart had been a true survivor after months of different applications and remedies but it had no chance against apple cider vinegar. Nightly a cotton ball was soaked in vinegar then squeezed and fastened to the wart with some tape over night. A huge change took place over night and the battle was won by the 6th application. This inspired me to research some of the other uses of apple cider vinegar.

Commonly I prescribe 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to be consumed right before a meal. This has a few functions. The acidity acts as a stimulant to the brain and stomach to get the digestive process started and therefore improves secretion of digestive enzymes and the break down of food. Apple cider vinegar also promotes the stomach lining to release more stomach acid which is very important to the digestive process and of noteworthy mention – B12 and protein absorption in the small intestine. In turn, symptoms that are usually thought to be associated with high stomach acid levels (actually due to low acid levels) will begin to resolve within a week of consistent use. As an added benefit, along with a balanced diet and exercise, apple cider vinegar could potentially help with weight loss as it promotes satiety, or the sensation of being full due to the acetic acid content.

Dr. Oz promotes apple cider vinegar for the use of dandruff caused by yeasts or fungi. Mixing apple cider vinegar with water into a spray bottle appears to kill the micro-organisms and improve scalp dandruff. Along the lines of yeast and candida, the natural enzymes found in apple cider vinegar can help with internal yeast overgrowth as well.

Consider adding apple cider vinegar into your daily routine. Choose a high quality source such as Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and consider one of the options mentioned HERE to help you get started.

Yours in health,

Dr. Jennifer Luis, ND

Dr. Jennifer Luis is a naturopathic physician at Vitalia Health Care and is currently accepting new patients. Please visit our website for more details.

Time for A Spring Cleanse!

Spring Cleanse
Spring Cleanses are upon us so here are some ideas from Dr. Quinn Rivet to start yours. It is always best to come in to Vitalia to get you started on a plan that is created just for you.

  1. In the morning, start with the juice of half a lemon in water. This helps to decreases acidity in the body by supporting kidney and liver detox.
  2. Avoid processed food, even if it’s only for 5 days. Anything from the can or box should be avoided. Hidden chemicals can put stress on the body especially your immune system and liver. Choose fresh fruits, vegetable (especially broccoli, brussel sprouts, red cabbage, celery, onions and garlic). Anything bitter tasting such as dandelion leaf, arugula, radicio, or bitter melon are great.
  3. Instead of coffee try lemon juice with ginger instead, it is a great appetite suppressant and a good way to flush out your kidneys, liver and lymphatic system.
  4. Explore herbal teas! Try a combination of Dandelion root (very bitter use sparingly) and add lemon balm or ginger.
  5. Eat non-gluten containing grains, mix it up stop with the wheat already, there are so many other grains.
  6. Stop dairy, try nut milks or just drink lemon and ginger water.
  7. Take a pro-biotic with steamed okra once a day, great for a gut cleanse.
  8. For the lungs, try thyme tea with licorice root tea (licorice is not recommended for those with high blood pressure) add N-acetyl-cysteine with the mineral selenium, which helps support the lungs and the liver.
  9. Sweat it out! If you can get your sweat on once a day at yoga, sauna, exercise or try ginger root tea with a pinch (and I mean a pinch) of cayenne then wrap yourself up, see what happens.
  10. A very old and forgotten cornerstone of Naturopathic Medicine is Hydrotherapy, the use of hot and cold applications. The easiest way to do a complete hydrotherapy treatment on yourself is to do a hot and cold shower. While in the shower turn the hot water down until you feel the chilly water, stay under for about 30 seconds or so then turn up the hot water again and stay under for 2-3 minuets. Do this 3-4 times, although the cold sounds crazy you will feel invigorated and it will help your blood move through your cleansing organs, keep in mind your skin is an organ to.

10 Foods Never to Eat On A Cleanse
1) Frosting
2) Bagels
3) Hot dogs
4) Cured meats
5) Sodas
6) Fast food muffins
7) Microwavable meals of any kind
8) Canned soup
9) Garlic from China
10) Conventional peanut butter
11) Artificial sweeteners
12) Strawberries from California

Yours in health,

Dr. Quinn Rivet, ND

Call us today for a customized Spring Cleanse for your health!

Recipe Ideas for Your Spring Cleanse

steal cut oat
Breakfast idea
1 cup steal cut oats – remember to soak overnight.
1 tablespoon amaranth seed or ground flax.
1/8 cup shredded coconut (fresh if possible).
Pinch of sea salt.
Sliced organic apple.
Pinch of cinnamon.

Bitter salad with Couscous and Salmon
Bitter salad with Couscous and Salmon
½ cup arugula
½ cup radicio
½ cup endive
½ cup romaine lettuce with fresh basil and/or cilantro
Add pine nuts and ¼ cup couscous with 3 oz of fresh salmon
Add lemon and/or apple cider vinegar to taste.


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