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Metabolic Assessment Profile: A simple screen for liver health, digestion and oxidative stress

Metabolic Assessment Profile
Sample (Metabolic Assessment Profile)

Click here for a sample profile (pdf)

The metabolic assessment profile checks 3 markers (INDICAN, BILE ACIDS AND LIPID PEROXIDES) which gives insight to your body’s detoxification, digestion and antioxidant systems..

INDICAN is a screening tool for how well we digest protein, the possible presence of dysbiosis (or overgrowth of bacteria or yeast) in the gut and if there is possible malabsorption of nutrients. Indican is produced from the putrefaction of dietary proteins that are undigested and fermented by bacteria. Checking indican levels screens for proper protein digestion, and dysbiosis.

BILE ACIDS may give us an indication of liver health. In a healthy state, most of the bile acids released are reabsorbed back by the liver. If there has been damage to the liver, such as in inflammation or infection, the bile acids are leached into the general circulation and can be detected through urine testing. Elevated bile acids in urine may be an indicator of liver dysfunction. Checking bile acids may provide information about the health of your liver such as if there is damage, inflammation or infection.

LIPID PEROXIDE is a an evaluation of oxidative stress. Increased peroxides correlate with cellular injury.This evaluates your body’s level of oxidative stress or free radical damage.

Elevated lipid peroxides may be used as an early marker for antioxidant supplementation, lifestyle (such as smoking or alcohol intake) and dietary recommendations. Symptoms of elevated peroxides may include fatigue, brain fog, muscle pain, impaired eyesight and headaches.

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