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Digestive Assessment

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A well functioning digestive system is the foundation to overall good health. A significant amount of research has emerged that suggests a relationship between gut health and autoimmune disease, diabetes, neurological disease and weight management/obesity.

The initial consultation will include a detailed digestive history including past use of antibiotics, gastrointestinal infections, and current symptoms. A physical exam of the digestive system and other relevant body systems will be performed and options for testing and treatment will be discussed.

Primary lab testing options include:

Comprehensive digestive stool analysis

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth test

Additional lab testing may include:

Intestinal Barrier Assessment

IgG and IgE Foods sensitivity/allergy tests

Parasitology test

During the follow up consultation, all lab findings will be discussed and treatment options will be explained.

** To prepare for your appointment bring in a log of the past 3 days of food and drink intake, correlated with digestive symptoms and bowel habits. Stop taking probiotics and any agents such as grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil and garlic supplements for a few days prior. Make a list of foods that may cause digestive-related symptoms such as gas, bloating, heartburn or changes to bowel movements. How do you feel after consuming wine, desserts, dairy, bread or sugar?

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