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Toxic Element Profiles (Urine or Hair)

Toxic Element Profiles sample
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Sample (Toxic Element Profiles)

A recent report by Canada’s Environmental Defense found that an alarming number of Canadians have generous chemicals in their systems. A toxic element profile can help determine if any harmful elements are present in your system. Identifying them is the first step to ridding your system of these harmful chemicals, and getting you on the path to better overall health. Vitalia Healthcare of Vancouver provides a Sample Profile.

Toxic element profiles offer an advanced, comprehensive assessment of both toxic and potentially toxic elements found in hair or excreted in urine. Accumulation of toxins, including heavy metals such as aluminum, arsenic, bismuth, cesium, lead, mercury, nickel, rubidium, tin, and uranium, can occur in the human body in response to environmental exposures or occupational exposures from toxins released in soil, air, or industrial waste streams.

Evidence suggests that exposure to these toxic elements can cause a plethora of health problems over time, including renal, respiratory, cardiac, immune, and hepatic functions, and can compromise emotional and cognitive health and impair neurological development and function. Toxins can also increase the risk of cancer and various other degenerative conditions.

Toxic Elements in Hair

Hair is often used in successfully detecting chronic exposure to toxic heavy metals in humans. This is because hair concentrates these toxic heavy metals several hundred times more than concentrations found within the blood. When any type of heavy metal is found in the hair, it’s important to determine the origin of exposure. High levels of toxins measured in the hair can indicate chronic exposure before any other symptoms arise.

Testing for toxic metals in hair is non-invasive, painless, and provides highly effective results. Because hair is made up of dead cells that have been exposed to both internal and external environments, it has the ability to capture the exposure to toxic metals and minerals over time. Vitalia Healthcare of Vancouver offer Toxic Element Profiles, as this type of unique metabolic profile reveals what other tests cannot.

Toxic Elements in Urine

Toxic elements profiles can be conducted using urine also. This profile measures urinary excretion of various toxic metals and nutrient elements, including basic toxins such as mercury, lead, and arsenic. This type of testing is ideal for patients who suspect that they have been exposed to toxic elements, or patients who are at risk for nutrient mineral wasting. Exposure to chronic toxic elements can result in a number of negative side effects, such as reduced energy levels, cancer risk, poor reproductive function, degenerative conditions, respiratory and cardiac problems, and decreased emotional and cognitive health. Vitalia Healthcare of Vancouver offers Toxic Element Profiles to help measure your toxic element levels before they can cause major health problems.

Urine toxic elements test is an invaluable tool for the assessment of retention of toxic metals within the body. Since toxic metals do not have any useful physiological function, it’s important to determine their origin and eliminate them before they can cause harm. While acute metal poisoning is rare, chronic, low-level exposure to toxic metals is more common and can result in significant retention in the body. Even small amounts of toxic elements in the body can cause adverse health effects. Having a toxic element profile performed is the first step in finding a solution for your toxic element findings.

Vitalia Healthcare of Vancouver offers comprehensive Toxic Element Profiles available for both urine and hair. This type of health profile can be highly useful in determining if any dangerous elements are present in your system. Many patients find that they experience better overall health when they narrow down what toxins are plaguing their bodies and rid their systems of these harmful toxic elements.

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