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When I ask my patients if they are feeling stressed, many of them say “I don’t feel overwhelmed and I don’t feel anxious, so I must not be stressed. “

What many of us don’t realize is being busy can still lead to the same release of hormones that puts our body under chronic stress. Getting up early, working a full day, taking care of your family, going to bed late; Just being busy can affect your body’s metabolism by impacting your stress hormones. The main stress hormone is cortisol.

Chronic stress can lead to changes in your body’s biochemistry. The end result is feeling fatigued, craving sugar or salt, feeling anxious, feeling depressed or “flat” emotionally, and gaining weight (especially belly fat).


Signs that stress may be affecting your health and weight loss include:

If you experience any of these symptoms, stress may be affecting your health negatively and may be making your metabolism sluggish.

There is a simple urine or saliva test available that can measure your level of stress hormones and their impact on your metabolism. Click HERE to read more about the DUTCH complete test and click HERE to read more about the Adrenal Stress test.

Our metabolic weight loss program is designed to determine the biochemical changes that are affecting your metabolism. Through nutrition, lifestyle recommendations, natural supplements and intravenous therapies, we work to remove the obstacles and optimize your metabolism.

This is the first step to any successful long term weight loss program!

Call us today and receive a complimentary body composition assessment to determine if your metabolism is sluggish and obtain your metabolic score.

In Health,

Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, ND

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