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The Risks of Developing Skin Cancer

skin cancer

Skin cancer is similar to most types of cancer where a known, single cause has not been found. Most cancers seem to be the result of a complex mix of many risk factors such as life style choices, exposure to known cancer-causing substances in the environment. The frequency and accumulation of the exposure to a risk factor increases the chances that cancer will develop. Therefore it may take many years for cancer to develop after exposure to a risk factor.

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MAPS conference ADHD Autism & ASD Treatments

On my second day of attending the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs conference, an organization dedicated to the research and treatment of Pediatric Disorders such as Autism and ADHD, I picked up the daily USA Today newspaper. There, front page headline I read “Autism rates jump again: 1 in 68 children affected. This was according to a report released by the CDC.
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Brain Fog: 6 Steps to Mental Clarity & 8 Conditions That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Brain fog is one of the most common and debilitating symptoms that I see in my practice. Unfortunately, it creeps up so slowly that you might not realise it is happening until your life really starts to suffer. The forgetfulness and lack of clarity negatively affect work, relationships, and sense of self. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and low self esteem. But it doesn’t have to! There are steps you can take to help lift the fog yourself or you can seek the help of a health professional who can help you address the root cause.
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April Special

Spring is around the corner and you may have already noticed some trees budding and spring flowers making their ascent. Or, you may have already noticed itchy ears and nose accompanied by sneezing. Our seasonal allergies on the West Coast start as early as February, with Alder trees being the first to release pollen. Late winter and spring allergies are usually related to trees and shrubs while late spring and summer are often grass pollen allergies. Environment Canada has pollen counts and charts available on their website for more information.
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Cellulite Treatment


There is a strong negative connotation that comes with the concept of cellulite. These small to large dimples that can be found mostly on females after puberty are thought to be a sign strictly of poor dieting and obesity, but are really far more complex then that. In reality, cellulite can be a side effect of hormonal factors, genetics, gender, and a high-stress lifestyle. Essentially, cellulite is formed through enlarged fat cells, higher levels of toxins, water retention, poor circulation, and fibrosis within connecting tissue.
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