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Suffering from Mood Swings, PMS and Other Hormone Related Symptoms? Dietary Suggestions That May Help

Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, N.D.
Dr. Tasreen Alibhai

Do you suffer from mood swings, water retention, headaches, brain fog, fatigue or anxiety about a week or two before you period? These menstrual related symptoms can have a significant impact on a woman’s quality of life.

Period Tracker App Figures Out your Hormonal Patterns!

Now is the time to figure out your hormonal patterns!

Life has temporarily shifted for most people quiet drastically. Busy lifestyles can cause us to overlook the subtle hints that our bodies might be out of balance. For women in particular, menstrual cycles can provide huge clues to hormone imbalances of progesterone, estrogen, thyroid, cortisol, testosterone and insulin levels. Perhaps by taking the time to observe and record symptoms that are thought to be normal or “just part of life”, we can determine what is out of balance and then, more importantly, how to re-balance.

Hair Thinning, Combining Treatments to Improve Outcome

Dr. Natalie Waller, ND

Dr. Natalie Waller, ND

Hair thinning as we age is concerning, however, rest assured that it is quite normal. The majority of men will begin to notice thinning in their mid-thirties, although some will begin this process much younger. Women, begin to notice thinning in their 40’s and don’t tend to experience the same extent of loss as men.